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IBM Electronic Pocket Reference Manual
IBM History Documents
IBM OS/2 timeline
IBM OS/2-DOS Session Games
IBM PC list sorted by model
IBM PC list sorted by type
IBM PC Partner Info
IBM PC Timeline
IBM Personal Systems Reference Sheets
IBM PS/1 model list (info/drivers)
IBM PS/2 batteries
IBM PS/2 File Library
IBM PS/2 hardware Error Codes List
IBM PS/2 hardware faq 4.0 (HTML)
IBM PS/2 hardware faq 5.2 (text)
IBM PS/2 hardware faq 5.4 (HTML in text)
IBM PS/2 hardware faq 5.5 (text)
IBM PS/2 hardware faq 6.0 (HTML)
IBM PS/2 hardware faqs zipped
IBM PS/2 magazine articles (MCA associated)
IBM PS/2 model list
IBM PS/2 Reference guide
IBM PS/2 Technical Specifications
IBM ThinkPad drivers and software
IBM ThinkPad hardware maintenance manuals

File archives

Apricot File Archive
BBS File Area
DOS File Area
Intel legacy archive
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection
The Simtel.Net Windows 3.x Collection
The Simtel.Net Windows 95 Collection
Toshiba DOS files archive


Mirror of
Mirror of
Mirror of
Mirror of
Mirror of Hobbes OS/2 Archive
Mirror of
Mirror of IBM PCCBBS FTP server
Mirror of Louis Ohland's pages
Mirror of
Mirror of Phil Storrs PC Hardware book
Mirror of
Mirror of Putty SSH client site
Mirror of The Unofficial CP/M Web Site
Mirror of CD-ROM
Mirror of WinSite CD-ROM
Mirror of

Swedish texts

Computer memory types (Swedish)
Computer system buses (Swedish)
Memory in the computer (Swedish)
Memory management in DOS (Swedish)
Memory management in DOS extended version (Swedish)


3Dfx file archive
3Dfx game patches
3Dfx supported games
AMD 3DNow! Files And Patches
AST Support Files
Archive of Wads for Doom and Quake3
Award 32GB bug fixed BIOSes
Basil Holloway's Document Collection
Complete file collection from the OS/2 Shareware BBS
Computer hardware chart
DOS MOD music players comparison chart
DOS Mouse drivers and tools
Diamond Multimedia graphic card drivers
EISA configuration files archive
Fastmenu GOLD 7
Gravis Ultrasound misc software & drivers
Gravis Ultrasound software
HTTP server running DOS
How to get the AMD K6-2+ / K6-III+ to work on Super Socket 7
IEEE 802.3 info
ISA soundcard overview
Laptop manuals
Late PCI, early and middle AGP video chips DOS game compatibility matrix
Lotus 123 Support File Library
MS-DOS shareware games 1983-1993
Math coprocessors faq
Microsoft KnowledgeBase Archive
Microsoft Software Library
Motherboard archive
Motherboard manuals
Netscape archive
Network And Modem Games
Notebook power list
Novell Netware FAQ
Novell Netware updates & patches
PC hardware faq
PCI device id list
Packard Bell motherboard info
Packet Drivers for DOS
Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows Millennium
Retro PC installation files
Rudolph R. Loew Patches
Show your IP address
Sound Blaster model numbers
The Night Owl BBS Collection
The Unofficial Netware Hack FAQ
UFO 96 - The DOS file manager for Windows 95/98
Utilities to enhance CPU speed
Utilities to slowdown CPU speed
Video Information Sheet
Vintage CPU reference guide (Credits Martijn van Zanen)
Vintage computer lan in Sweden
Vogons SB model reference sheet
Win/DOS game cheats
Windows 3.1x support files and other software

Windows Hardware Compatibility List

Microsoft Windows 2000 HCL
Microsoft Windows 95 HCL
Microsoft Windows 98 HCL
Microsoft Windows ME HCL
Microsoft Windows NT Version 3.1 HCL
Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0 HCL
Microsoft Windows XP HCL


DOS Timeline
MS-DOS 5.00 - 7.10 Undocumented, Secret + Hidden Features
MS-DOS 6.22 Help
MS-DOS File Resources

AS/400 information and links

IBM OS/400, AS/400, and iSeries processor summary
System manuals

RS/6000, pSeries, System P, POWER and AIX

AIX Tip of the Week
IBM RS/6000 Technical Library (Version 3 Release 2 - 1999)
IBM RS/6000 Technical Library (Version 3 Release 10 - 2001)
Microcode downloads for i5, OpenPower, p5, pSeries, and RS/6000 systems

S/370, S/390

P/390 Resources FTP

Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics Technical Document Archive


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