Miscellaneous information and links

Video Information Sheet
PC hardware faq
IBM PS/2 hardware faq
IBM PS/2 Reference guide
IBM PS/2 error codes
IBM OS/2 faq
IBM Electronic Pocket Reference Manual
IBM Personal Systems Reference Sheets
IBM PC Timeline
Notebook power list
BBS File Area
DOS File Area
Network And Modem Games
Mirror of files.mpoli.fi
Mirror of ibmfiles.com
Mirror of IBM PCCBBS FTP server
Mirror of Louis Ohland's pages
Mirror of mcamafia.de
Memory management in DOS (Swedish)
Memory management in DOS extended version (Swedish)
Memory in the computer (Swedish)
Computer memory types (Swedish)
Computer system buses (Swedish)
Basil Holloway's Document Collection
Gravis Ultrasound software
3Dfx file archive
3Dfx supported games
HTTP server running DOS
Vintage CPU reference guide (Credits Martijn van Zanen)
The Night Owl BBS Collection
Archive of Wads for Doom and Quake3
Toshiba DOS files archive
Mirror of Putty SSH client site
Late PCI, early and middle AGP video chips DOS game compatibility matrix
DOS Timeline
Show your IP address
Computer hardware chart
MS-DOS v6.22 Help
Motherboard archive
ISA soundcard overview
Math coprocessors faq
PCI device id list
Vintage computer lan in Sweden
Novell Netware FAQ
The Unofficial Netware Hack FAQ
Packet Drivers for DOS
IEEE 802.3 info
Win/DOS game cheats
Motherboard manuals
Netscape archive

AS/400 information and links

IBM OS/400, AS/400, and iSeries processor summary
System manuals

RS/6000, pSeries, System P, POWER and AIX

Microcode downloads for i5, OpenPower, p5, pSeries, and RS/6000 systems
IBM RS/6000 Technical Library (Version 3 Release 10 - 2001)
IBM RS/6000 Technical Library (Version 3 Release 2 - 1999)


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